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New Video...old material

*Pant, pant, pant* Okay, so I've been wanting to throw together a video retrospective of my artwork for ages. Even started a couple, but...well...real life and all...

Anyhoo, finally got one put together. Fully admit I swiped the idea for the music from a video showing the history of the world in two minutes, but the artwork and editing and everything else are my own. T'was interesting digging up all my old work and trying to reassemble it into some kind of chronological order (note to self, dating work is a good thing...a lesson I, sadly, learned rather late in the game...which is ironic since I'm so obsessive about dates and chronology in my professional work). It's not all there, though there is a whole lot of it. Started with the Xena pieces where I was still learning to use computer graphics software and painting with a mouse, and ended with a recent Lost Girl piece that I kinda love. In between, there's a lot of SG-1, Buffy, Otalia, some Voyager and quite a few one offs and other things. A lot of it's been seen before, but a lot either hasn't been posted, hasn't been posted in a long time, or was only posted on very limited venues, so, given that even my girlfriend hadn't seen a lot of it, most folks who take a look will probably be surprised.

It was also interesting just going back and looking at it all. Wow, have things changed. Heh, took all of my willpower not to completely redo it all...had to keep reminding myself that would completely miss the point (though, I will admit, I might have fixed a mistake or two along the way...yeah, I know, and I was never any good at not scratching itches, no matter what dire warnings I was given...I lack impulse control on some fronts).

Sooo, as per usual, links are always much appreciated (particularly since I suck at the whole self-promotion thing), but please don't repost the video or use the artwork in your own projects without prior permission.