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The Bunny Stumbles...and gets up again...

Somebody should probably take away my keyboard or cut my internet connection when I'm in a funk...which I have been for the last week. Yeah, there have been some hard things the last few years (and the last few months), but also some very wonderful ones and a lot to be grateful for.

Unfortunately, the self pity was strong in this one there for a little while. Not really my basic nature, but we all got here now and then, though in all honesty, I really hate it when I do. Whining gets on my nerves at the best of times and it grates the very worst when it's me doing the whining. So nothing but positive in this post (Note: Feel free to skip the list below and jump to the bolded headline on down if you're interested in more creative endeavors than my naval gazing).

I'm doing some writing again.
My garden is doing well.
My house is paid for and while I'm not rich, I'm not scared either.
It's a gorgeous day.
I'm finally figuring out how to do special efx in After Effects
I'm physically feeling better
Phox loves me.
I have a couple of really good, true friends.
I'm getting my backyard trimmed and looking pretty again (front yard next)
I've got a couple of gigs going that I've really enjoyed, working with people I really like and respect.

And good god, that sounds like one of those horrible Jack Handy Affirmations bits from the old SNL. However, they're all still good things. Meh, maybe I should leave off talking about myself and just go for writing and artwork. Never feels like I'm striking a good balance between serious and schmaltz or maybe I'm just much more comfortable when not the topic of conversation.

As for writing and art, starting to seriously play again and feel the words moving. It's slow, but hopefully the drought is starting to let up. Also working a cover painting for a project I think anybody who likes my website/this blog's usual topic will really enjoy if it all comes to fruition. Keep an eye out here or on Twitter (@PinkRabbitPro). I'll post more as I can.

Meanwhile, I've got a couple of original ideas that I really want to pursue over the next months/years. One is a supernatural/paranormal story set over several hundred years, using both prose and artwork. Not sure how it will work or if I can get it done, but the idea has been with me for ages and I've been trying to find an organized way of presenting it. Here's hoping because if I can pull it off, it really would be something very different and feature a lot of elements of history, art, and politics that I find fascinating...and which I think others would enjoy. Also thinking about incorporating some video elements and animation (advertising or freebies maybe). It's all swirling in there and I'm working on getting some organization to it all.

Also been trying to lay out some plans for Afterworld, which was originally conceived as a TV series treatment and was much, much larger than just the Otalia story I was playing with before the writing went to hell. It was always intended to be an entire universe featuring several different groups of characters who slowly make contact and rebuild over time and I'd still like to go back and revisit that overarcing concept. I wish I had the art skills to make it a graphic novel/comic series, but honestly, I just don't (at least not in under ten years per issue). I have been considering something that would be mostly prose, but maybe have some b/w illustrations for flavor. I used to do a lot of pen and ink work and I find I rather miss it. To that end, have been working on upping my pen/ink style skills in photoshop as I still love the style even if my hands won't handle the real medium any more. We shall see.

Finally (at least for the moment) videos...I seriously want to get myself to where I can play with some animation techniques and storytelling with my artwork. That's meant learning new software. Which for the longest time, I had zero luck with. Finally am starting to make some headway with at least one of the programs I would need to master. No idea if I'll ever get to where I can take some of the ideas in my head and get them into a video, but I'm trying. Meanwhile, sometime soon, I'll try and post a fake movie trailer that just sorta got created while I was doing various tutorials. Alas, no femslashy content to it, but hopefully still a bit of silly fun.

So that's about it. I'm back up and stable today and things are moving.

One last note: Today would have been my mother's 83rd birthday. I miss her, but I would far prefer to be positive in her honor than mope around and drench myself in self pity. So, Happy Birthday, Mom. Hope you'd be proud. I've tried.